Lobster Bites

I had so many family and friends ask for this recipe and decided I must share! I came up with this recipe after thinking about what to do with the Langostino sitting in my freezer, so mini bites was my first thought! I had also thought about throwing it in with some pasta but I needed a side dish more then an entree. It was also an absolute HIT on Thanksgiving dinner and my family loved it! Super easy and here’s the recipe 🙂

Before I had made anything, I purchased sliced Rye bread and toasted them when I was ready to serve. After toasting them, I spread some cream cheese and mashed avocado and that’s already about halfway ready!

I thawed out 1 pound of Langostino and once it completely thawed, I sautéed it in butter and one garlic clove and seasoned with only some salt.

I then garnished with my homemade sauce! The sauce consisted of:

-Sriracha Sauce



-Lemon/Lime Juice

-Chili Paste

Mix well and garnish! Super easy and serves as a great appetizer! Enjoy 🙂


IMG_3352 2

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